Adaptors & Splitters RANGE


Looking for a commercial electrical adaptor solution to manage different power phases and Amps to your equipment? We have a range of quality-made, professional adaptors that are designed for industrial use. From 13 Amp to 125 Amp Adaptors converting and outputting different phases and voltage.


We also manufacture a range of Splitters as Adaptors. If you need multiple outlets from one source, we can make 13 Amp to 63 Amp multi-gang sockets boards without protection, using CEE Form Commando and/or Powerlock connectors. Browse our range.

Adaptors are designed to convert one type of connector to another, allowing you make connections that would otherwise be incompatible. Whether you need to connect a three phase 5 pin plug to multiple single phase sockets, or simply convert Powerlock connectors to CEE Form, we have an adaptor you need. Adaptors are made from durable materials and come with a years warranty.

Do you need to power more than one piece of equipment from a single source? Our splitters make it easy to do just that. With our input, our splitters can branch off to two outelts, and up to 5 on a 16 Amp product. Our 32 Amp and 63 Amp solutions are also offer multiple outlets and our Powerlock 480A splitters take one drain to two sources. 

Adaptors and Splitters are made using built into a cable or witihn a solid, durable enclosure. But the benefits don’t stop there. Our products feature a variety of features that make Titan Power a leading provider of adaptors to commerical industries.

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