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Titan Power enclosures interlock together, grounding stacks of units and saving space. Additonally, thanks to the carry handles on our larger products, they are far easier to carry.

What are AMF Panels?


AMF stands for Automatic Changeover Panel or Automatic Mains Fail Changeover. If the main power supply you use is critical, the chances are you will need an AMF panel.

So what do they do?

AMF Panels are designed to automatically switch mains supply to a second standby supply if the prime supply fails.

There is a short period of time when there is no power available, (normally approx. 30 seconds) while the change over happens.

The AMF panel includes the facility to start or stop a standby generator if it has a remote starting facility with on/off switching. An optional extra is that it can also send SMS text when switching over.

The AMF panel will automatically switch back to the prime mains supply if it is resorted and has been reliable for 2 minutes (This time is adjustable).

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Perks & Features

All of our AMF panels use the latest microprocessor-controlled modules to enhance and provide maximum functionality. Various timers are included in the controller to prevent nuisance starting of the generator due to minor breaks in the local supply. The preset timers can be adjusted if required.

Our AMF panels are portable and reliable. They are powered by the prime power supply (no extra batteries are requires). Designed for quick and simple installation in any location, linking both the prime supply, the back-up supply to the main site distribution board.

Who uses Titan AMF Panels?

Typical AMF users include: Refrigerated storage, TV productions, Business where power is critical, Computer Networks (often used with UPS battery back up for 100% supply) and Events & Parties that run from generators.

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