Extension Cables



Plugs & Sockets

Loose Cable

63 Amp Extensions Cable

Water Resistant to IP67


16 Amp to 400 Amp Black Rubber Extension Cables
Single / Three Phase 1.5 to 150mm² – up to IP67 Plugs & Sockets

Our wide range of extension cables are made with high-quality 230v, 400v Plugs and Sockets by Mennekes, 400 Amp Powerlock Connectors by PowerSyntax and H07RN-F <HAR> single, three and five core Titanex cables by Nexans. All leads are fully PAT tested before dispatch. Available in different lengths, from 1m up to 30m. If you have a specific length required,  contact us for a quote.



Adaptor Leads, Tailor-Made for Various Needs
63 Amp 400v to 32Amp 230v or Powerlock to 125 Amp CEE Form Adaptors

We offer a wide range of adaptors for various needs, ideal for when you need to convert power coming from a source such as a generator.  We provide 32 Amp to 16 Amp, Three Phase to Single Phase and even Mennekes CEE Form to Powerlock by PowerSyntax connectors with the power coming from individual phases on individual lines. All leads are fully PAT tested before dispatch.


16 Amp to 400 Amp Splitters & 16 / 32 Amp Multi-gang Socket Boards
Unprotected Single & Three Phase Splitters

We proivde a wide ranger or splitters for multi-current requirements. Our 16 Amp and 32 Amp splitters are available on Soft Y cables or Solid Adaptors. We have also have Powerlock 400 Amp splitters on L1, L2, L3, Neutral and Earth. If you require three phase splitter, we can offer this on a cable and solid adaptor, taking from individual phases. Finally, our multi-gang socket boards can provide up to 5x 16 Amp Outlets ny Mennekes. All leads are fully PAT tested before dispatch.


Mennkes 63A 415v 4p IP67 PowerTOP Xtra Plug & SocketPowerlock 400A Line Drain Set

16 Amp to 400 Amp Components
Unprotected Single & Three Phase Splitters

All our Components for Splitters, Adaptors and Extension Cables are of the highest quality. We only use leading, global providers such as Mennekes, PowerSyntax and Neutrik when developing power products for your needs. We have a wide range of Components for commerical applications.




We use the highest quality components made by leading global providers in every Titan Power product. We value the partnerships formed with our suppliers that enable us to provide the best Plug & Socket (Connectors) from Mennekes, PowerSyntax and Neutrik and the most durable cable by Nexans.



Connectors from leading providers, Mennekes, PowerCON and Powerlock

Mennekes Plugs and Sockets


Single, Three Core and Five Core H07RN-F Black Rubber Cable <HAR> -30 to +90 degrees C, from Nexans

Loose Cable Nexans H07RN-F


Nexans Black Rubber Cable H07RN-F

Our cable partner Nexans UK, a subsidiary of Nexans Global are providers of our H07RN-F rubber cable. Nexans play a huge role in the supply of cable worldwide, with more than 120 years history and heritage.

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Mennekes quality

Where the right equipment can make or break, only a few will cut it. We proivde Mennekes plugs, sockets, inlets, outlets for our Titan Power Distribution Products. From Distros, to Extensions Cables and Adaptors. These components make Titan Power as reliable as you would expect them to be. The expectation you receive from professionally made, commercial solution. A Titan Power will never fail you.

We believe this is what makes a Titan Power stand the test of time. That’s why we work closely with our selected suppliers and pick the best in the business. Mennekes proves this time and time again with their products as they offer quality terminal connectors with split brass sleeves, IEC 60309-1 certified and plastic housings that are UL 94V-0 rated.

Mennekes quality

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PowerSyntax Powerlock

Powerlock by PowerSyntax are Drain and Source (Plug & Socket) components in made for line and panel connections. The Powerlock products are used for high-powered 480A solutions and use functional and safety features that improve their performance.

Chain Pilot Box

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