32A 400v socket board, 3.3.H13.T

Titan Handy S13 32A 400v, 3 x 32A 230v Sockets & Loop Through

Item no. ENCS32/32/3/32/415/R

Titan Power S13 Handy Socket Board

Titan Power 32A 400V Handy S13 Socket Board

Titan Power Handy Power Distribution products are toughened, robust socket boards for commercial applications. We brand products Titan Power for their quality and reliability because they use premium components from leading global providers. Socket boards are often used in the Film TV industry, for Video Screens, Rental, Events, Venues & Offshore.

► Handy Wall Mountable Design
► Up to IP67
► Easy to maintain
► Components from quality brands


Titan Power Menekes Inlet


1 x 32A 400v Inlet

1 x 32A Loop Through (unprotected)

Sockets for Power Distros


3 x 32A 230v

Titan Power Menekes Inlet


3 x 32A /30mA RCBOs 2 Pole, Type A by Doepke

Titan Power Cube Enclosure


Handy S13
475 x 300 x 144mm
(H x W x D)

RCD & RCBO Types Explained:

Type AC RCDs & RCBOs are lower cost, suitable for general purpose loads like cookers, heaters, shower pumps, tungsten & halogen lighting. But they are not suitable for certain appliances.

Type A RCBOs are suitable for Type AC loads, but also appliances that use built-in circuit boards like computers, washing machines, lighting controllers, IT & Multimedia. We use Type A on our “Titan Power” products.


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Quality Design

Custom Engraving

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

Why Titan Power

Water Resistant


Enclosures are built to IP67 water ingress, suitable for the outdoors under the harshest conditions.
Handy Tough Material


Made from Super Strong Rubber (SBR-EPDM) that can survive aggressive impacts.
Handy Hanging from Steel Frame


Easy to mount and fix on walls or metal work.

Detailed Specification

  • Robust, durable Rubber (SBR-EDPM) material.
  • Water resistant up to IP67.
  • IK10 impact resistance
  • Heat resistant to 80 degrees C for 100 hours
  • Resistant to acid, bases & salt



  • 1 x 32A 400v Inlet 3P+N+E 6h IP67 by Mennekes


  • 3 x 32A 230v Panel Mounted Sockets P+N+E 6h IP44 by Mennekes
  • 3 x 32A /30mA 2 Pole RCBOs Type A by Doepke
        • With or without tail
        • Bend protection cable glands
        Width: 300mm
        Height: 475mm
        Depth: 144mm
        Enclosure Weight: 5.54Kg


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