50mm² 5 Core HO7RN-F Cable

5G50 Black Rubber Cable by Titanex

Item no. EC50/H3

16mm H07RN-F 5 Core Black Rubber Cable by Titanex_EC16.H

5 Core Black Rubber Cable

HO7 RN-F Rubber Cable by TITANEX®. Not all HO7 Cables are the same, we now supply Titanex cable for its superior flexible handling and exceptional manufacturing standards, we have not found a better cable.

Superb rubber & neoprene sheathed cable, makes this exceptionally tough and flexible in temperatures from -20 to + 85 degrees C.
Ideal for outside, marquees and professional use.

► 50mm² 5 Core H07RN-F <HAR> Black Rubber Cable by Nexans
► Suggested Max Current: 150A
► Voltage Drop mV/A/M: 1.04
► Useful in various applications. Find out here

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Handy Hanging from Steel Frame


Durable, robust H07RN-F Black Rubber Cable, -30 degrees to +80 degrees for extreme weather conditions.

Detailed Specification

  • Titanex 50mm² 5 core H07RN-F <HAR> Black Cable by Nexans
  • Working temperatures: -25 to +55 °C
  • Suggested Max Current: 150A (192A Outdoor Open Air)
  • Oil resistant, flame retardant according to IEC/EN 60332-1-2 standard
  • International EN 50525-2-21; HD 22.4; HD 516; IEC 60245-4 type 66
  • Approx outer diameter: 44mm
  • Approximate weight per metre: 3.85Kg
  • Conductor material: Bare copper
  • Insulation: Special cross-linked elastomer
  • Outer sheath: Special cross-linked elastomer
  • Sheath colour: Black
  • Lead free

Five core Wire Diagram

  • Mechanical resistance to impacts: Very good
  • Cable flexibility: Flexible
  • Silicon free: Yes
  • Chemical resistance: Accidental
  • Water proof: Intermittent
  • RoHS compliant: Yes
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to +55°C
  • Short-circuit max. conductor temperature: 200°C
  • Oil resistance: Yes
  • Max. conductor temperature in service: 85°C

H07RN-F TITANEX® flexible cable is intended for installations with moving equipment, electric appliances and for building sites. The cable may be rated 0,6/1 kV where the installation has built-in protection and for motors in lifting appliances – machine tools – etc.

This cable can be used in refrigerating installations.

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