63A 400v Titan RUBBER V56 6.3.v.T

63A 400v Inlet, 3 x 32A 400v, 6 x 16A 230v Sockets

Item no. ENC63/415/V56/2/0500

Rubber_63 Amp

63A 400v Titan Rubber, 6.3.V.T

Titan Rubber series are among the strongest in the market. Made of high quality rubber, with strong galvanized steel frames. Very safe to use, they have a long lifespan and serious durability. The disitribution boxes can be used in the most demanding of environments, from construction sites to industrial warehouses.

► Unique stacking system
► Water resistant, up to IP67
► Easy to maintain
► Components from quality brands


Titan Power Menekes Inlet


1 x 63A 400v Three Phase

Sockets for Power Distros


3 x 32A 400v
6 x 16A 230v


Titan Power Menekes Inlet


1 x Main 63A 4 Pole Isolation
1 x 63A 30mA 4P RCD
1 x 40A 30mA 4P RCD
3 x 32 4P Type C MCBs
3 x 16A 1P Type C MCBs



Titan Power Cube Enclosure


930 x 510 x 510mm
(H x W x D)

RCD & RCBO Types Explained:

Type AC RCDs & RCBOs are lower cost, suitable for general purpose loads like cookers, heaters, shower pumps, tungsten & halogen lighting. But they are not suitable for certain appliances.

Type A RCBOs are suitable for Type AC loads, but also appliances that use built-in circuit boards like computers, washing machines, lighting controllers, IT & Multimedia. We use Type A on our “Titan Power” products.


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Why Titan Power


Carry handles on 4 / 6 positions for medium / large cube enclosures making units far easier to move around.

Detailed Specification

  • Shockproof IK10 Rubber (SBR-EPDM) Enclosure.
  • Heat resistant to 100 degrees C for 100 hours
  • Resistant to acids, bases & salt
  • Water resistant up to IP67.



  • 1 x 63A 400v 3P+N+E, IP67 6h Appliance Inlet by Mennekes


  • Link Through Socket, No protection 1 x 63A 400v 3P+N+E IP67 6h by Mennekes
  • 3 x 32A 400v Sockets 3P+N+E IP44 6h by Mennekes
  • 6 x 16A 230v Socket P+N+E IP44 6h by Mennekes, Wired 2 per phase


  • 1 x Rotary Isolation Switch 63A 4P, breaks all protected sockets

Outlet Protection:

  • 1 x 63A 30mA 4P RCD Type A, by Doepke
  • 1 x 40A 30mA 4P RCD Type A, by Doepke
  • 3 x 32 4P Type C MCBs by Doepke
  • 3 x 16A 1P Type C MCBs by Doepke
        Width: 510mm
        Height: 930mm
        Depth: 510mm
        Weight: 18.2 Kg


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